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Global Q Media AG

Tiefenackerstraße 49

CH-9450 Altstätten

CH-UID-Number: CH-470.223.530

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EHRA-ID: 1234936

Handelsregisteramt des Kanton ST.Gallen

Telefon: + 49 30 54 81 07  01

Chairman / Verwaltungsrat
Matthias K. H. Arens
Inhaber Rechte des Titels seid 1957 „Quality Magazine“ liegen ausschliesslich bei der Global Q Media AG

Editorial  International Content

Editor in Chief
Susanne Filter


Head Office 

5 Abchurch Lane

London EC4N 7BW

Vereinigtes Königreich


Niederlassung Deutschland

Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 101

D-10553 Berlin

Telefon: + 49 30 54 81 07  01
Fax:        + 49 30 54 81 07  10

Editorial Office New York

Georgia Benjamin
Apartment 4C
132 N 5th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11249, USA

Editorial Office Mexico

Adolfo Ayuso Audry
Mz. III Calle A Nr. 35 col. Educación
C. P. 04400, México D. F., Mexico

Global Q Media AG Partnership

Worldwide distribution to 230 private business- and golf clubs of

International Associate Clubs
1629 Ocean Centre
5 Canton Road
TST Kowloon
Hong Kong

Marketing & Sales International

Global Q Media AG
Via E.Ludwig 42
CH 6612 Ascona

Marketing & Sales Deutschland

Advertising Manager
Tiffany Fiore Manchini

Head of Services
Tiffany Fiore Mancini

Redaktionsadresse International

Global Q Media AG

Tiefenackerstraße 49

CH-9450 Altstätten

Telefon: + 49 30 54 81 07 01
Fax: + 49 30 54 81 07 10

Quality Subscription Service


BGW Treuhand AG
Tiefenackerstraße 49
CH-9450 Altstätten SG


Responsible for the editorial content in the purpose of the press law: Susanne Filter. All rights reserved. The magazine as well as every article and image included are
protected by copyright. The export and distribution overseas are only permitted with prior approval. No liability assumed for undemanded text and pictorial material.

Editorial Team

Editor in Chief
Creative Director
Susanne Filter

Motion Editors
Matthias K. H. Arens

Fashion- / Jewellry Editor
Natascha Popic

Design Editor
Norman Kietzmann

Wild Life Editor
Prof. h.c. Dipl. betrw. Mark Weinholz

Beauty Editor
Stephanie Sommerfeld

Food Editor
Marielle Kreienborg

Art Director
Dipl.-Des. Barbara Schork

Graphic Design / Art Direction

Culture Editor
Sarah Kirsten

Real Estate Editor
Volker de Boer

Gadgets Editor
Dave Lubek

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